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So what's the story?

It all started

Our journey began as a fun experiment on, with zero team allocation and no pre-sales.


But what started as a lighthearted venture quickly exploded into a global sensation.


The future looks bright, we are capturing the imagination of investors worldwide, and we just began!

The developer

Alex Costa, also known as World War Bitcoin, is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community, with a strong presence across YouTube, TikTok, and various other platforms. With a passion for crypto dating back to 2020, Alex has dedicated himself to researching and producing engaging content in this rapidly evolving space. Graduating with a degree in economics from Butler University, Alex's journey into investing began in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Building on his academic foundation, he leveraged his expertise as a mortgage banker and real estate agent in the early 2010s. However, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Alex transitioned to self-employment. He successfully founded and later sold a social media marketing company before delving into the wholesale grocery distribution sector, where he remains actively involved. In January 2024, Alex made the pivotal decision to immerse himself full-time in the world of crypto content creation, a move that has proven to be both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding. Since then, he has become a trusted voice within the community, offering insights, analysis, and valuable perspectives on the latest developments in the crypto landscape. Alex Costa continues to push the boundaries of innovation and education in the crypto space, inspiring and empowering enthusiasts worldwide.

Be part of the


At the heart of our new crypto token lies a vibrant and supportive community.

We understand that community is the cornerstone of success in the crypto world, and we are committed to fostering a strong network of like-minded individuals. Our community members are more than just investors; they are valued contributors who actively shape the direction of our project.

Through open dialogue, collaboration, and shared enthusiasm, we create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Join our community today and become an integral part of our journey towards a decentralized future.

The $HEEHEE Roadmap

Ready to take off?

Let's take HeeHee to the next level

$HEEHEE is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a cultural phenomenon.

Created on the Solana network, $HEEHEE blends the excitement of pop-culture with the innovation of blockchain technology and the thrill of gaming.

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